We have heard a lot about this phrase, “lets get out of the comfort zone” but what it means actually? Should I quit my job, should I leave my country…what is it that I am doing wrong…am I in the comfort zone actually? Let me tell you a short story…


“There was a saint and his disciple. They were going through a jungle and they saw a house in a shattered condition. They decided to visit the members of the family living there. There were 5 members – father, mother, two daughters (teen age) and a son who was around 10 years old. They also had a cow. The saint asked the family that how they were surviving. Father told that they are surviving because of the cow. They sell the cow milk, make some cheese and that give them enough for survival. The saint and disciple heard their struggles, stayed there for the night and started early morning when everyone in the family was sleeping. The saint ordered his disciple to throw the cow from the cliff. The disciple was surprised and annoyed to know that his master wants the only source of the family’s income to be taken away. However, he followed his orders and killed the cow.

After 5 years, the saint and disciple came back to the same place and noticed a beautiful house with all the luxuries. The disciple assumed that the poor family would have died due to hunger and some rich person would have taken the place. The saint and the disciple visited the family staying at the house. To the disciple’s surprise, it was the same poor family. The father told that the cow had fallen from the cliff and then all the members started looking for alternate sources of income for survival. All the members joined hands and contributed according to the skills and soon they all had better lives”.

Moral of the story – get out of the comfort zone!!!

We have to self introspect, look around and decide what is it that is giving us comfort and if we move out we can do much better. Is it our same job for the past 5 years that gives us only enough for survival, or is it some other excuse that doesn’t allow us to wake up early to follow some health regimes. Are we ok with the average performance in our lives? We all need to identify that “cow” in our lives that’s is giving is only security, however, not pushing us beyond. Lets push that “cow” from the cliff, lets get out of the comfort zone and perform much better in our lives, for our health, for our relations!!